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1987 PRO MIDI - Analog Multi Preset Plexi Overdrive Distortion

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330,00 €

This product is completely hand made.
We will build it just for you, and we will include a little gift as well!

We estimate about 40 working days to build it.


Like the glorious rackmount units from the 80s & 90s, but in pedal format.
A true analog pedal, fully at ease in today's rigs.
A modern take of an all-time classic.

The 1987 PRO is the most powerful evolution of our 1987 pedal, which honors the British saturation that made the history of Rock.

It's a full analog pedal, but it has logic and memory to store and recall a total of 12 presets.
It also features an
expression pedal input, to simultaneously manipulate all its knobs and switches in real time (like you had 7 hands!) to seamlessly morph between its channels.

And with its TRS MIDI input, you can control ALL the pedal with your favorite MIDI controller! Bypass, switch channels, change controls, eleven mode, load presets in the order you want, you name it.
Program Change and Control Change messages are both implemented.

Imagine having 12 independent analog Amp In A Box pedals.
Set them how you want, even totally different from one another, and instantly recall any of them, any time, with all their controls accurately set.
That's what
CH1 and CH2 footswitches do.

Play with picking dynamics and your guitar volume knob: control and clean up from saturation, like a true high quality tube amplifier.
Press the
ELEVEN button: instant, meaty HOT RODDED sound, for any channel.

DRIVE: from semi-clean rich in harmonics, sensitive to touch, to the saturated crunch of so many records, unmistakable and fun to play.

TIGHT: with its 3 positions you can tweak the saturation grain, and tailor it to single coils or humbuckers:
1) down: fat and grainy, to fatten-up single coils.
2) center: the classic all-rounder.
3) up: tighter, for hot humbuckers, to retain punchiness even at neck position and higher gains.

TONE: Use it together with the TIGHT switch, provides a very varied palette of sounds.

MIDS: Its very broad range will literally transform the pedal voice, from roaring mids to punch through mixes, to very scooped, for stylish cleans up to metal territory.

PRESENCE: The ultimate tone shaping tool. Use it with MIDS and TONE, to refine the high end and adapt the pedal to amp and speaker combination.
1) up: more highs, for added focus at low gain, or more bite at high gain.
2) centerneutral highs, like having your cabinet pointing at you.
3) down: rounded
highs, for smoother high gain sounds.

LEVEL: the volume control for the general level of the active channel.

Dimensions: Width 12 cm (4.72 in). Heigth 9.5 cm (3.74 in). Depth 5.3 cm (2.1 in).

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