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Expressor: a Studio Compressor, put into a Box.

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190,00 €

This product is completely handmade. From the date of purchase it takes about 30 working days to assemble, test and do complete calibration. We will make it just for you, and it will be shipped with a little gift from us!

A Studio Compressor, put into a box.

Silent even with high compression levels, with a sound that spans from transparent with enhanced details, to the most noticeable "squish": a robust caffeine dose for your tone.

COMP changes the compression strength in a very progressive way: from detail reinforcement, to dynamics stabilization, to extensive rework of peaks and body of the musical notes.

ATTACK and RELEASE are independently adjustable, for maximum versatility in shaping and retouching your dynamics at will.

You will discover behaviours not possible to obtain with the usual compressor pedals.

The TONE frequency curve has been engineered to keep coherent with the harmonic content of an electric guitar, "opening" the sound up gradually and musically.

SUGAR is a special mode that sweetens all the pedal parameters, relaxing and redistribuiting the compression among the strings, for an always natural effect, even with the knobs on extreme settings.

EXPRESSOR has been designed to complete your instrument and be a mean of expressivity, not just a compressor.