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Not (just) a Booster, not (just) an Overdrive: a higher gear for your tone.

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200,00 €

This product is completely handmade. From the date of purchase it takes about 20 working days to assemble, test and do complete calibration. We will make it just for you, and it will be shipped with a little gift from us!

Not (just) a Booster, not (just) an Overdrive: a higher gear for your tone.

A PURE CLASS A pedal, like a true vintage amplifier.

DRIVE "pushes" the signal more and more; from pristine and clean to a fatter and harmonics-rich, but you can always "clean it up" at will. Just play with a lighter touch or roll the volume knob back on your instrument: the behaviour of an expressive monochannel amplifier.

TOP BOOST in addition to emphasizing the mid-upper frequencies to punch through the sonic mix, is capable of saturating them, to add even more expressivity to your sound, always under your hands and pick control.

LEVEL enables you to adjust the pedal volume, in order to have saturation with DRIVE and TOP BOOST, but preserving your instrument natural volume output.

LOWS e HIGHS give a last touch to the bass and treble frequencies, to perfectly integrate DriveBOOSTER with the rest of your gear.